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Can Non-Citizens, “Undocumented Workers,” and “Illegal Aliens” File For Bankruptcy In The United States?

Quite obviously, both immigration and the status of “undocumented” or “illegal” aliens currently in the United States is a hot topic now, and surely will be for a long time.   One issue that shows up in Bankruptcy Courts, albeit rarely, is whether non-citizens, whatever their official status, have access to Bankruptcy Courts in the United… Continue Reading

Single Premium Annuity Exempt In Bankruptcy, Says Georgia Supreme Court.

The Georgia Supreme Court recently answered certified questions from the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals regarding whether a single premium annuity was exempt in a Chapter 7 case, where the annuity was purchased a year before filing with $220,000 in inherited funds.  A debtor’s transfer of $220,000 a year before filing Chapter 7 is certainly… Continue Reading

Is Section 522(p) of the Code – The Exemption Cap For Debtors Who Have Recently Made Interstate Moves – Unconstitutional?

Professor John Pottow of the University of Michigan Law School thinks so in his latest Credit Slips post. The Code section in question is Section 522(p), which provides as follows – (p)(1) Except as provided in paragraph (2) of this subsection and sections 544 and 548, as a result of electing under subsection (b)(3)(A) to exempt… Continue Reading