Financial Guru Dave Ramsey has a new show at 8:00 pm weeknights on the Fox Business Channel.  Both the show and the new network premiered yesterday, October 15, 2007.  If you have DirecTV, as I do, you can find it on channel 359.  I caught a few minutes of the show, and it looked like a basic introduction to Dave and his philosophy (summary – don’t have any debt, get a budget).  It will be interesting to see how the daily show progresses,  how it will avoid repetitive content, and how it will provide fresh practical advice to consumers.  "Avoid all debt" and "get a budget" may only go so far for an hour each night.  

Dave Ramsey’s organization is also certified to provide pre-dishcharge debt management counseling for consumer debtors, as required by the Bankruptcy Code.  I say this not as a recommendation, as I do not know how the course may differ from others, but it may be an option for people who like Dave’s advice.