I don’t typically post about new Chapter 11 filings unless there is something compelling about them, but almost 300 Chapter 11 cases for Lavie Care Centers and related entities filed on the same day qualifies as news here in the Northern District of Georgia. The Motion for Joint Administration alone is 49 pages, most of which is just the list of related debtors.

The Chief Restructuring Officer as of the petition date was Benjamin Jones of Ankura Consulting Group, Inc. He stated in his 53-page Declaration In Support of First Day Motions:

At the time of the initial onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Company was one of the largest operators of skilled nursing facilities in the nation, operating approximately 140 skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities and independent living facilities. As a result of the impacts of the pandemic, and in order to try to stabilize the Debtors’ financial condition, the Company exited operations at more than 90 facilities. Today, the Debtors operate 43 licensed facilities across five states that care for more than 3,700 residents on a daily basis, with approximately 3,600 employees. The Debtors’ current portfolio of facilities produce positive cash flow; however, the substantial continuing impacts of the pandemic and resulting facility divestitures continue to plague the business.

The Declaration states that Covid-19 was a major factor in the filings, and secured and unsecured debt is well over $1 billion.

As I have already incurred the PACER fees for viewing the list of cases, I have pasted the list below.

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24-55504-pmb     Centennial HealthCare Corporation
24-55505-pmb     LV Operations I, LLC
24-55506-pmb     LV Operations II, LLC
24-55507-pmb     LaVie Care Centers, LLC (Main Case)
24-55508-pmb     Consulate Facility Leasing, LLC
24-55509-pmb     125 Alma Boulevard Operations LLC
24-55510-pmb     Hollywell HealthCare, LLC
24-55511-pmb     Alpha Health Care Properties, LLC
24-55512-pmb     195 Mattie M. Kelly Boulevard Operations LLC
24-55513-pmb     Ambassador Ancillary Services, LLC
24-55514-pmb     216 Santa Barbara Boulevard Operations LLC
24-55515-pmb     Oaks at Sweeten Creek HealthCare, LLC
24-55516-pmb     Consulate Management Company III, LLC
24-55517-pmb     Ambassador Rehabilitative Services, LLC
24-55518-pmb     500 South Hospital Drive Operations LLC
24-55519-pmb     Hunter Woods HealthCare, LLC
24-55520-pmb     Consulate MZHBS Leaseholdings, LLC
24-55521-pmb     518 West Fletcher Avenue Operations LLC
24-55522-pmb     Ashland Facility Operations, LLC
24-55523-pmb     Consulate NHCG Leaseholdings, LLC
24-55524-pmb     611 South 13th Street Operations LLC
24-55525-pmb     Hurstbourne HealthCare, LLC
24-55526-pmb     Ashton Court HealthCare, LLC
24-55527-pmb     Country Meadow Facility Operations, LLC
24-55528-pmb     THS Partners II, Inc.
24-55529-pmb     626 North Tyndall Parkway Operations LLC
24-55530-pmb     Omro HealthCare, LLC
24-55531-pmb     Jacksonville Facility Operations, LLC
24-55532-pmb     Assisted Living at Frostburg Village Facility Oper
24-55533-pmb     Crestline Facility Operations, LLC
24-55534-pmb     Jennings HealthCare, LLC
24-55535-pmb     650 Reed Canal Road Operations LLC
24-55536-pmb     Augusta Facility Operations, LLC
24-55537-pmb     Onetete, LLC
24-55538-pmb     Cypress Manor Health Care Associates, LLC
24-55539-pmb     Josera, LLC
24-55540-pmb     Augusta Health Care Properties, LLC
24-55542-pmb     702 South Kings Avenue Operations LLC
24-55543-pmb     Cypress Square Health Care Associates, LLC
24-55544-pmb     Kannapolis HealthCare, LLC
24-55545-pmb     Orange Park Facility Operations, LLC
24-55546-pmb     710 North Sun Drive Operations LLC
24-55547-pmb     D.C. Medical Investors Limited Partnership
24-55548-pmb     Tosturi, LLC
24-55549-pmb     KD HealthCare, LLC
24-55550-pmb     741 South Beneva Road Operations LLC
24-55551-pmb     Baya Nursing and Rehabilitation, LLC
24-55552-pmb     Kenton Facility Operations, LLC
24-55554-pmb     777 Ninth Street North Operations LLC
24-55555-pmb     Bayonet Point Facility Operations, LLC
24-55556-pmb     Kenwood View HealthCare, LLC
24-55557-pmb     Transitional Health Partners
24-55558-pmb     1010 Carpenters Way Operations LLC
24-55559-pmb     Bossier HealthCare, LLC
24-55560-pmb     Kimwell HealthCare, LLC
24-55561-pmb     Donegan Square Health Care Associates, LLC
24-55562-pmb     1026 Albee Farm Road Operations LLC
24-55563-pmb     Brandon Facility Operations, LLC
24-55564-pmb     Kings Daughters Facility Operations, LLC
24-55565-pmb     Transitional Health Services, Inc.
24-55566-pmb     Down East HealthCare, LLC
24-55567-pmb     1061 Virginia Street Operations LLC
24-55568-pmb     Brentwood Meadow Health Care Associates, LLC
24-55569-pmb     Kissimmee Facility Operations, LLC
24-55570-pmb     Edinborough Square Health Care Associates, LLC
24-55571-pmb     1111 Drury Lane Operations LLC
24-55572-pmb     Briley Facility Operations, LLC
24-55573-pmb     Valley View HealthCare, LLC
24-55574-pmb     Lake Parker Facility Operations, LLC
24-55575-pmb     1120 West Donegan Avenue Operations LLC
24-55576-pmb     Lakeland Facility Operations, LLC
24-55577-pmb     1445 Howell Avenue Operations LLC
24-55578-pmb     VAPAMT, LLC
24-55579-pmb     1465 Oakfield Drive Operations LLC
24-55580-pmb     Emerald Ridge HealthCare, LLC
24-55581-pmb     Legends Facility Operations, LLC
24-55582-pmb     Brownsboro Hills HealthCare, LLC
24-55583-pmb     1507 South Tuttle Avenue Operations LLC
24-55584-pmb     Osprey Nursing and Rehabilitation, LLC
24-55585-pmb     Envoy Health Care, LLC
24-55586-pmb     Level Up Staffing, LLC
24-55587-pmb     Vero Beach Facility Operations, LLC
24-55588-pmb     Canonsburg Property Investors, LLC
24-55589-pmb     1550 Jess Parrish Court Operations LLC
24-55590-pmb     Envoy Management Company, LLC
24-55591-pmb     Libby HealthCare, LLC
24-55592-pmb     Paloma Blanca Health Care Associates, LLC
24-55593-pmb     Capital Health Care Associates, LLC
24-55594-pmb     Envoy of Alexandria, LLC
24-55595-pmb     Lidenskab, LLC
24-55596-pmb     1615 Miami Road Operations LLC
24-55597-pmb     Parkside Facility Operations, LLC
24-55598-pmb     1820 Shore Drive Operations LLC
24-55599-pmb     Lincoln Center HealthCare, LLC
24-55600-pmb     Cardinal North Carolina HealthCare, LLC
24-55601-pmb     Envoy of Denton, LLC
24-55602-pmb     Locust Grove Facility Operations, LLC
24-55603-pmb     Parkview Facility Operations, LLC
24-55604-pmb     Envoy of Forest Hills, LLC
24-55605-pmb     1851 Elkcam Boulevard Operations LLC
24-55606-pmb     Carey Facility Operations, LLC
24-55607-pmb     LTC Insurance Associates, LLC
24-55608-pmb     Parkview HealthCare, LLC
24-55609-pmb     VNTG HD Master Tenant, LLC
24-55610-pmb     1937 Jenks Avenue Operations LLC
24-55611-pmb     Envoy of Fork Union, LLC
24-55612-pmb     Cary HealthCare, LLC
24-55613-pmb     Lucasville I Facility Operations, LLC
24-55614-pmb     Parkview Manor HealthCare, LLC
24-55615-pmb     Envoy of Goochland, LLC
24-55616-pmb     Catalina Gardens Health Care Associates, LLC
24-55617-pmb     Lucasville II Facility Operations, LLC
24-55618-pmb     Envoy of Lawrenceville, LLC
24-55619-pmb     Parkwell HealthCare, LLC
24-55620-pmb     Catalina Health Care Associates, LLC
24-55621-pmb     Walnut Cove HealthCare, LLC
24-55622-pmb     Envoy of Norfolk, LLC
24-55623-pmb     Pavilion at St. Luke Village Facility Operations,
24-55624-pmb     2333 North Brentwood Circle Operations LLC
24-55625-pmb     Envoy of Pikesville, LLC
24-55626-pmb     Wayne HealthCare, LLC
24-55627-pmb     Penn Village Facility Operations, LLC
24-55628-pmb     Envoy of Richmond, LLC
24-55629-pmb     2401 NE 2nd Street Operations LLC
24-55630-pmb     Centennial Acquisition Corporation
24-55631-pmb     Pennknoll Village Facility Operations, LLC
24-55632-pmb     Luther Ridge Facility Operations, LLC
24-55633-pmb     Envoy of Somerset, LLC
24-55634-pmb     2826 Cleveland Avenue Operations LLC
24-55635-pmb     Centennial Employee Management, LLC
24-55636-pmb     Wellington HealthCare, LLC
24-55637-pmb     Pensacola Facility Operations, LLC
24-55638-pmb     Envoy of Staunton, LLC
24-55639-pmb     LV CHC Holdings I, LLC
24-55640-pmb     Centennial Five Star Master Tenant, LLC
24-55641-pmb     2916 Habana Way Operations LLC
24-55642-pmb     LVE Holdco, LLC
24-55643-pmb     Envoy of Williamsburg, LLC
24-55644-pmb     Perry Facility Operations, LLC
24-55645-pmb     2939 South Haverhill Road Operations LLC
24-55646-pmb     Wellston Facility Operations, LLC
24-55647-pmb     Centennial HealthCare Holding Company, LLC
24-55648-pmb     LVE Master Tenant 1, LLC
24-55649-pmb     Envoy of Winchester, LLC
24-55650-pmb     Perry Village Facility Operations, LLC
24-55651-pmb     Centennial HealthCare Investment Corporation
24-55652-pmb     Envoy of Woodbridge, LLC
24-55653-pmb     3001 Palm Coast Parkway Operations LLC
24-55654-pmb     West Altamonte Facility Operations, LLC
24-55655-pmb     Centennial HealthCare Management Corporation
24-55656-pmb     3101 Ginger Drive Operations LLC
24-55657-pmb     3110 Oakbridge Boulevard Operations LLC
24-55658-pmb     West Palm Beach Facility Operations, LLC
24-55659-pmb     Centennial HealthCare Properties Corporation
24-55660-pmb     3735 Evans Avenue Operations LLC
24-55661-pmb     Pheasant Ridge Facility Operations, LLC
24-55662-pmb     Westerville Facility Operations, LLC
24-55663-pmb     Piketon Facility Operations, LLC
24-55664-pmb     3825 Countryside Boulevard Operations LLC
24-55665-pmb     Westwood HealthCare, LLC
24-55666-pmb     LVE Master Tenant 2, LLC
24-55667-pmb     Pine River HealthCare, LLC
24-55668-pmb     Epsilon Health Care Properties, LLC
24-55669-pmb     LVE Master Tenant 3, LLC
24-55670-pmb     Centennial HealthCare Properties, LLC
24-55671-pmb     LVE Master Tenant 4, LLC
24-55672-pmb     Ferriday HealthCare, LLC
24-55673-pmb     Centennial Management Investment, LLC
24-55674-pmb     LVFH Master Tenant, LLC
24-55675-pmb     3920 Rosewood Way Operations LLC
24-55676-pmb     Pinelake HealthCare, LLC
24-55677-pmb     FLLVMT, LLC
24-55678-pmb     Centennial Master Subtenant, LLC
24-55679-pmb     LVLUPH, LLC
24-55680-pmb     4200 Washington Street Operations LLC
24-55681-pmb     MA Healthcare Holding Company, LLC
24-55682-pmb     Centennial Master Tenant, LLC
24-55683-pmb     Florida Health Care Properties, LLC
24-55684-pmb     4641 Old Canoe Creek Road Operations LLC
24-55685-pmb     Manor at St. Luke Village Facility Operations, LLC
24-55686-pmb     5065 Wallis Road Operations LLC
24-55687-pmb     Centennial Newco Holding Company, LLC
24-55688-pmb     McComb HealthCare, LLC
24-55689-pmb     5405 Babcock Street Operations LLC
24-55690-pmb     Centennial Professional Therapy Services Corporation
24-55691-pmb     Melbourne Facility Operations, LLC
24-55692-pmb     Whispering Hills Facility Operations, LLC
24-55693-pmb     6305 Cortez Road West Operations LLC
24-55694-pmb     Pinewood HealthCare, LLC
24-55695-pmb     Miami Facility Operations, LLC
24-55696-pmb     6414 13th Road South Operations LLC
24-55697-pmb     Port Charlotte Facility Operations, LLC
24-55698-pmb     Milton HealthCare, LLC
24-55699-pmb     Centennial SEHC Master Tenant, LLC
24-55700-pmb     6700 NW 10th Place Operations LLC
24-55701-pmb     QCPMT, LLC
24-55702-pmb     Montclair HealthCare, LLC
24-55703-pmb     Centennial Service Corporation – Grant Park
24-55704-pmb     7950 Lake Underhill Road Operations LLC
24-55705-pmb     RAC Insurance Investors, LLC
24-55706-pmb     Mount Royal Facility Operations, LLC
24-55707-pmb     9035 Bryan Dairy Road Operations LLC
24-55708-pmb     Charlwell HealthCare, LLC
24-55709-pmb     NENC HealthCare Holding Company, LLC
24-55710-pmb     Reeders Facility Operations, LLC
24-55711-pmb     9311 South Orange Blossom Trail Operations LLC
24-55712-pmb     Chenal HealthCare, LLC
24-55713-pmb     New Harmonie HealthCare, LLC
24-55714-pmb     Floridian Facility Operations, LLC
24-55715-pmb     Retirement Village of North Strabane Facility Oper
24-55716-pmb     Whitehall of Ann Arbor Healthcare, LLC
24-55717-pmb     9355 San Jose Boulevard Operations LLC
24-55718-pmb     Cheswick Facility Operations, LLC
24-55719-pmb     New Port Richey Facility Operations, LLC
24-55720-pmb     Ridgewood Facility Operations, LLC
24-55721-pmb     10040 Hillview Road Operations LLC
24-55722-pmb     Newport News Facility Operations, LLC
24-55723-pmb     CHIC Holding Company, LLC
24-55724-pmb     Riley HealthCare, LLC
24-55725-pmb     11565 Harts Road Operations LLC
24-55726-pmb     Forrest Oakes HealthCare, LLC
24-55727-pmb     CHMC Holding Company, LLC
24-55728-pmb     Norfolk Facility Operations, LLC
24-55729-pmb     Rispetto, LLC
24-55730-pmb     12170 Cortez Boulevard Operations LLC
24-55731-pmb     North Carolina Master Tenant, LLC
24-55732-pmb     Franklinton HealthCare, LLC
24-55733-pmb     CHPC Holding Company, LLC
24-55734-pmb     15204 West Colonial Drive Operations LLC
24-55735-pmb     Riverbend HealthCare, LLC
24-55736-pmb     North Fort Myers Facility Operations, LLC
24-55737-pmb     Clay County HealthCare, LLC
24-55738-pmb     Riverview of Ann Arbor HealthCare, LLC
24-55739-pmb     Frostburg Facility Operations, LLC
24-55740-pmb     North Strabane Facility Operations, LLC
24-55741-pmb     Clearwater HealthCare, LLC
24-55742-pmb     Royal Terrace HealthCare, LLC
24-55743-pmb     Garden Court HealthCare, LLC
24-55744-pmb     Oak Grove HealthCare, LLC
24-55745-pmb     Coastal Administrative Services, LLC
24-55746-pmb     Gateway HealthCare, LLC
24-55747-pmb     Coastal Management Investment, LLC
24-55748-pmb     Safety Harbor Facility Operations, LLC
24-55749-pmb     Genoa Healthcare Consulting, LLC
24-55750-pmb     Consulate EV Acquisition, LLC
24-55751-pmb     Salus Management Investment, LLC
24-55752-pmb     Consulate EV Master Tenant, LLC
24-55753-pmb     Sarasota Facility Operations, LLC
24-55754-pmb     Consulate EV Operations I, LLC
24-55755-pmb     Sea Crest Management Investment, LLC
24-55756-pmb     Genoa Healthcare Group, LLC
24-55757-pmb     Sheridan Indiana HealthCare, LLC
24-55758-pmb     Shoreline Healthcare Management, LLC
24-55759-pmb     Skyline Facility Operations, LLC
24-55760-pmb     Southpoint Health Care Associates, LLC
24-55761-pmb     Glenburney HealthCare, LLC
24-55762-pmb     Grant Park Nursing Home Limited Partnership
24-55763-pmb     St. Petersburg Facility Operations, LLC
24-55764-pmb     Grayson Facility Operations, LLC
24-55765-pmb     Whitehall of Novi HealthCare, LLC
24-55766-pmb     Starkville Manor HealthCare, LLC
24-55767-pmb     Green Cove Facility Operations, LLC
24-55768-pmb     Stratford Facility Operations, LLC
24-55769-pmb     Greenfield Facility Operations, LLC
24-55770-pmb     Summit Facility Operations, LLC
24-55771-pmb     Williamsburg Facility Operations, LLC
24-55772-pmb     Harbor Pointe Facility Operations, LLC
24-55773-pmb     HFLLVMT, LLC
24-55774-pmb     Susquehanna Village Facility Operations, LLC
24-55775-pmb     Swan Pointe Facility Operations, LLC
24-55776-pmb     Hilltop Mississippi HealthCare, LLC
24-55777-pmb     Tallahassee Facility Operations, LLC
24-55778-pmb     Hilltopper Holding Corp.
24-55779-pmb     Tarpon Health Care Associates, LLC
24-55780-pmb     THS Partners I, Inc.
24-55781-pmb     Willowbrook HealthCare, LLC
24-55782-pmb     Wilora Lake HealthCare, LLC
24-55783-pmb     Windsor Facility Operations, LLC
24-55784-pmb     Winona Manor HealthCare, LLC
24-55785-pmb     Winter Haven Facility Operations, LLC
24-55786-pmb     Woodbine HealthCare, LLC
24-55787-pmb     Woodstock Facility Operations, LLC