Obviously not bankruptcy related, but former North Carolinians will be interested in Cheerwine coming back to Atlanta (the article incorrectly says it is making its debut – it was sold in Atlanta grocery stores a few years ago).

Tar Heels, rejoice! Cheerwine, one of our state’s indigenous delicacies, is now available in the ATL."Our first ship date to Atlanta was early to mid-May. It’s now starting to appear on shelves," said Tom Barbitta, vice president of marketing for the Salisbury, N.C.-based company. "We’re thrilled we’re going to be moving into Atlanta."

Even though this is Coca-Cola’s back yard, the brand’s hoping Atlantans will be thrilled right back at welcoming the cherry-flavored soft drink into their midst. Founded in 1917 and still family-owned, the brand has a quirky, devoted following. Nothing bonds two Cackalacky transplants like a cold Cheerwine — especially one cracked open next to a barbecue sandwich with vinegar-based sauce and slaw on top. And road trips north often involve a stop to stock up.

Barbitta, who’s a New Yorker but sounds pleasant enough nonetheless, says the nectar of the Old North State is being stocked in metro Atlanta Wal-mart, Kroger, Publix, Ingles, and Food Lion stores, with plans to roll out in smaller convenience stores next. Cheerwine is available in 20 states, including California but mostly east of the Mississippi, Barbitta said.