It is expensive to stay in Bankruptcy. Last month a Brown Rudnick lawyer tried to increase his hourly rate from $1,000 per hour to $1,500 per hour. Chief Judge Laurie Selber Silverstein in Delaware rejected the increase, “saying that no client would approve such a steep fee hike in the middle of a case.” See Reuters article.

“There may be a reason, but a 50% increase of someone’s rates is not something that any client I ever had would have accepted,” Silverstein said at a court hearing. “If he’s behind market, I don’t think he gets to catch it all up at one time.”

Judge Silverstein allowed $1,000 per hour for the lawyer. The case is In re Kidde-Fenwal, Inc. The highest hourly fees charged by Brown Rudnick partners is $2,250 per hour. As of February 2024, the Fee Examiner reported that 15 firms had billed over $20 million in the case, which was filed in May 2023.

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