The Northern District has been hit with numerous filings in the last year or so, with the Debtors using fictitious names.  Usually, they file under a name that includes their own name, or a made up "dba" and they add the term "UCC 1-308."  They also add the meaningless terms "non-domestic, non-resident."  There have been 15-20 of these cases filed, almost always by a debtor who has filed one or more cases in the past.  I have attached  an order entered today on one of these cases (in a case filed today – the court is hitting it pretty quickly now; here are Mr. 308’s schedules).

The petition is usually full of other nonsense, including the usual government conspiracy theories, and assets including $100 million claims against the government for illegally using their copyrighted names.

Presumably, due to the number of cases and the similarity of all of them, someone out there is telling people they can get away with it, perhaps for a fee.  Maybe these people are also telling them the income tax is illegal, and they can wipe out their mortgage because the lender is not lending real money.

It does not work!