Phil Carroll Astin, II, the Carrollton physician under federal indictment for over-prescribing steroids and other medications to professional wrestler Chris Benoit, has filed a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy petition in the Newnan Division of the Northern District of Georgia.  Chapter 7 Case No. 07-12370 (filed October 1, 2007).  Astin had previously indicated he may be forced to file (see AJC article by reporter John Hollis), and asked the federal District Court to declare him indigent for purposes of his pending criminal trial.  A public defender has been appointed to represent Astin in the criminal trial, replacing attorney Manny Arora.

Phil Astin’s skeletal petition lists assets of between $0 to $10,000, and liabilities of between $0 to $50,000, but as bankruptcy lawyers know, these are the defaults the software uses when the full schedules are not prepared.  As of today, no Chapter 7 Trustee has been appointed.