Prior to getting to the ND of Georgia update, readers may also want to revew Bob Eisenbach’s review of the new Rules in his post on the Business Bankruptcy Blog (and this post about Delaware opting out of new Rule 3007. 

From Mike Smith, Chief Deputy Clerk in the Northern District of Georgia –

1. Please note the Notice re New and Amended Bankruptcy Rules and Forms posted on the GANB web site under "What’s New ?".  (SR Note – Click here to go directly to the notice)

The Notice lists the new and amended Bankruptcy Rules and Forms which have been announced by the Administrative Office of the U. S. Courts ("AO"). The rules are scheduled to take effect on December 1, 2007. The forms will be effective December 1, 2007, and January 1, 2008. Hyperlinks to web pages of the AO containing each of the forms as now amended are included in the Notice. In addition, on the dates they become effective, the forms will be available on the AO’s Official Forms page at or on the hyperlink to that page that the Court maintains on its website.

2. E-Orders users – – – The GANB Financial Section reviews all "Motions for Payment of Unclaimed Funds into the Registry of the Court" before forwarding to the appropriate chambers for their review. Please do NOT upload Proposed Orders for such Motions through the GANB E-Orders program, using instead the method you used prior to our implementation of E-Orders.

3. E-Orders users – – – This program has been in place for over nine months now in GANB, with over 18,000 E-Orders submitted.

Please ensure that your proposed orders submitted through E-Orders conform to the E-Orders Administrative Procedures, which state that the document should:

1. Have a four-inch margin at the top of the first page;

2. Have the text "End of Document" at the end of the body of the Proposed Order;

3. NOT have the "date line" nor the "Judge’s signature line" in the Proposed Order (these are, of course, supplanted in E-Orders by the
Judge’s signature and the date of the signature in the top 4" margin of the first page).

Please do not send a followup copy, through paper or e-mail, to the Courtroom Deputy.

Also note that:

** If you set your PDF’s to be text-based documents, as opposed to image-based documents, GANB Chambers will be able to more easily access your proposed order to make any desired change(s).

** To avoid paying the filing fee when filing a Motion for Relief from Stay with a Consent Order, a copy of the Consent Order must be included as a separate .pdf attachment to the Motion. You are also still required to submit your proposed Consent Order to Chambers following the "E-Orders" guidelines and any "Communication with Chambers" instructions found on the Judge’s web site.

** Judge Murphy’s chambers has requested that no Chapter 11 Proposed Orders be submitted through E-Orders (use the chambers e-mail address or paper instead).