The owner of Gold Creek Golf Club (web page was down as this is posted) in Dawsonville filed a Chapter 11 petition in the Northern District. In re Gold Creek S.L. LLC, Chapter 11 Case No. 08-22232-reb (Filed August 13, 2008).  According to this article and  this article, Regions Bank was going to foreclose in September.  According to this article, the Club has closed.

I played the course several times a few years ago and it was a very nice course at the time.  According to the article cited above –

Gold Creek, which opened in 1995 and has been named one of the best places to play golf in north Georgia, owes $62,452.35 for 2006, $55,491.12 for 2007 property taxes and over $11,000 in inventory taxes, Townley said.

Townley, who has spent months trying to recover the money owed to the county, said she has known for several months that the golf club was facing financial difficulties.

"We were told then that Regions Bank, their lender, was going to cover the 2006 taxes. But we  later learned that was not the case," she said last month. Townley added the club’s owners, Bob and Jeff Tablak, have retained a metro-Atlanta debt relief attorney. Calls made to the Tablaks have not been returned.   Townley and many others say they hate to see the club, which has played an integral part of Dawson County for many years, close. "Gold Creek has a history of being an excellent community amenity and in its current status, there are broad based casualties – jobs, neighborhood valuations, scheduled events," said Dawson County Commissioner Terri Tragesser, who lives in the upscale neighborhood.

Cathie Waddell, who operated her catering business from Gold Creek’s kitchen, said many employees did not receive their last paychecks. Gold Creek’s homeowners association has made attempts to assist club employees that lost their jobs with the club’s closing. "We basically passed the hat around for them. This is really unfortunate," Tragesser said. Residents also offered to maintain the greens at the golf course, but an agreement couldn’t be reached with the club’s owners, said Gold Creek Homeowners Association President Marty Horn.