Since the Georgia Bankruptcy Law Blog just moved to the new LexBlog format, it is a good time for an update on resources included in this Blog and available elsewhere on the internet.
My goal is to provide updates on Bankruptcy cases and developments in Georgia. Primarily, this is cases from the Eleventh Circuit, Georgia Bankruptcy and District Courts, and Georgia state courts. We have summaries and citations from many significant cases (published and unpublished) dating back to October. You can access them by clicking the appropriate category on the right hand side of this page and scrolling down, or by searching for a keyword. Don’t miss the “continue reading” link to get the entire post.
I will also ocassionally post updates on key cases or filings, including cases outside of the Eleventh Circuit or Georgia, and news that may be relevant to Bankruptcy lawyers. These will generally be in the “News and Comments” or “Miscellaneous Cases” sections.
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Any questions or comments on the page or any posts, shoot me an e-mail. I also inviate any comments on posts – just click on “comments” in each post.