The last several days have been hectic and busy, so I am behind in my updates.  I do have a couple of Georgia cases to report when things slow down later this week.  However, in honor of school starting, here are some homework assignments to keep everyone up to date —

  1. Steve Jakubowski at the Bankruptcy Litigation Blog has links and summaries of 22 recent bankruptcy-related articles. If that does not hold you for a while, scroll down his blog for links to 20-30 more scholarly works.
  2. Professors Ribstein and Bainbridge analyze a very important case in Delaware wherein the court ruled on the viability of a deepening insolvency claim. See  Deepening insolvency = shallowing profitability.   I am working on a short article on deepening insolvency in Georgia courts, but if you do corporate litigation you need to read the articles and the Delaware case. 
  3. Another Partial Blow to Constitutionality of BAPCPA "Debt Relief Agency" Rules at the ABI BAPCPA Blog.

I note that many questions, comments and search terms from the Blog are related to the Kirk Wright and International Management case.  While I occasionally post some news about a couple of big cases, I am now involved in those cases so I will probably limit the updates to significant orders entered in the case.