By: Scott B. Riddle, Esq.

After I started the Georgia Bankruptcy Blog, it became clear that many of the Bankruptcy cases also involved discussion of corporate and fiduciary litigation, another area of practice.  As you can see from the right-hand side of this page, there is a category for Corporate and Fiduciary Litigation.

Naturally, the next step was the creation of the Georgia Litigation Blog. While this was actually set up several months ago, I could not devote the time in getting it up and running to the extent I wanted.  While this is still true, I have decided to officially go live, and add a link from this site.  Additionally, I will soon add a co-author/editor to add some additional content and another perspective.  The next goal is to move to a professionally designed and hosted site, such as this one. 

As of this date, the Georgia Bankruptcy Blog is in the Top 100 All Time for all legal blogs out of the 1699 indexed, according to the Justia Blawgwatch. Thanks for googling and reading!