As with Anna Nicole, Bankruptcy meets soap opera.  Judge Cristol in the Southern District of Florida  ruled today that the company set up by OJ’s daughter — Lorraine Brook Corporation — was a "sham" and "set up to defraud creditors."  A written order has not been entered on ECF as of the time of this post.

From CNN

Judge A. Jay Christol accused Simpson of setting up the company in his children’s names in a scheme to "defraud his creditors," calling the effort a "sham."

He ruled that Fred Goldman, who filed a wrongful-death lawsuit against Simpson in 1997 after Simpson was cleared of criminal charges in the murders, is now the corporation’s largest creditor. That civil suit found Simpson liable for the deaths, and ordered him to pay $33.5 million in damages.

A meeting is planned next week in which Goldman will consider whether he wants to go after the book rights or pursue other options. If he wins the rights and decides to publish, he wants to rename the book "Confessions of a Double Murderer," according to his attorney. …

"This judge today found that O.J. Simpson engaged in a scheme to defraud Mr. Goldman in connection with the writing of this book. The payments that were made by the publisher to Mr. Simpson for this book that Mr. Simpson hid from Mr. Goldman, so it’s a huge victory," Battista said.   The attorney said he believes Lorraine Brooke Corporation filed for bankruptcy in Florida as an "end run to stop a California state court from ordering and concluding an auction sale of the book rights."

Asked about the judge’s accusation that setting up the corporation was fraudulent, Whittle told CNN, "We don’t believe that. The corporation was formed under the articles of corporation in Florida. We’re legally allowed to be an entity. … Everything was done legitimately. In the United States, you’re entitled to form a corporation. The judge’s reference, I think, is boiler-plate language that he was utilizing to make his ruling."


Emphasis mine, to stress the interesting legal theory advanced by counsel. 

Further, we find out that it was really OJ’s daughter Arnelle who did it (the idea for the book, that is) —

"If I Did It," the still-unpublished book in which O.J. Simpson writes in disturbing detail about how he might have killed ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, was Simpson’s daughter’s idea, ABC News Law & Justice Unit has learned.

Simpson’s eldest daughter, Arnelle Simpson, came up with the concept for the book along with a friend, Raffles Van Exel, according to a deposition she gave this week.


Click here for the transcript of the deposition of Arnelle.