Off topic (though it does involve a company trying to overcome years of financial problems), but Krispy Kreme is going to sell ice cream … or is it "ice kreme?"  If someone had the bright idea to throw the oreo factory rejects and unbaked cookie dough into ice cream mix, why not mix in the superior flavor, and maybe a few chunks, of The Kreme?  I note that the other great flavor of the Carolinas, Cheerwine, is already available in ice cream, but not around here.

Krispy Kreme to sell ice cream

 As part of a turnaround plan to boost sales, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Inc. will open smaller stores, increase the number of stores abroad — and offer soft-serve ice cream.

The Associated Press reported that the company’s new Kool Kreme soft serve, which will come with a toppings bar, is being tested in several stores around the country.

 Two weeks ago, Krispy Kreme reported that it narrowed net losses to $1.9 million in the second quarter compared with the year-ago period, largely because of an extra charge last year that brought the company’s net loss down to $27 million.

Total revenues for the second quarter were down 9.5 percent to $94.2 million, compared to $104.1 million in the second quarter last year.