In a prior post, I mentioned the Chapter 11 filings of International Management Associates, LLC and its affiliated hedge funds. These entities have made the news, in part, because of the accusations that professional athletes have been bilked out of millions of dollars and because the principal of the entities has apparently been on the run. Bill Perkins initially served as the state court Receiver, and was subsequently appointed Chapter 11 Trustee.
Kirk Wright was finally apprehended in Miami on May 17, 2006. Here is the AJC Article and Reuters article.
The IMA Website has imformation about the case, as does the SEC webpage.
Update May 24, 2006 – Amazingly, the Magistrate in Miami has granted a $1 million bond even though Mr. Wright seemingly eluded arrest for months.
Update May 30, 2006 – Wright has been indicted, according to the US Attorney Website.
In a case that appears on its face to be strikingly similar, Bayou (Domestic) Hedge Funds filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy relief on May 30, 2006 in New York.