Some photos of the Peachtree Road Race and the 55,000 runners (not including me – the knees did not cooperate again this year).  I am a couple blocks off Peachtree, around the 2 mile mark of the race.

The world-class elite runners are the first to go by. The winning time was 28:01, or about 4:30 per mile –

Other "elite" runners are in the field –

The masses just pass the 2 mile mark — mostly downhill so far.  It will look like this for about the next 90 minutes as 55,000 pass by –

A few more after the jump.

He just found out the next 4 miles are not downhill –

Turning in the other direction, the race goes uphill toward "cardiac hill" –

One heart attack was reported (he is stable and doing well), but medics were ready and alert –

Some people lunged for water –

Others needed a few more carbs to boost their energy –


 They had their refreshments a little earlier –

He claimed he is 79 —