Again, slightly off topic, but I was content to express disappointment about the campaign strategy for both candidates for the Georgia Supreme Court.  At the risk of suggesting that one is better than the other as far as campaign tactics go, I will follow up about a statement made by Linton Johnson, Communications Director for Justice Carol Hunstein.  He responded in a letter to the Daily Report  (Nov. 3) with the expected complaints about Steve Korn’s editorial, and included the following curious statement –

Korn also falls for Wiggins’ spin that he “won” his suit against his sister. The truth is he successfully bullied her through verbal abuse and physical threats into giving up. A signed statement from the sister’s lawyer released just this week confirms as much. That’s hardly a win to boast about.

I know nothing about the lawsuit other than the blurbs in various articles, but I find it curious that the campaign of a sitting Supreme Court Justice would make this statement, especially in the daily legal newspaper.  What "spin" should one "fall for?"  The findings and holding (whatever they may be) by the Judge who heard the case, or a subsequent letter from the losing litigant, released during an election involving the opposing party, explaining the loss?  What would the Georgia Supreme Court finds more persuasive if it was reviewing the lawsuit?  A very curious letter indeed….