For those of you who are interested in what the Bible has to say about personal finances, North Point Community Church and Buckhead Church , and Pastor Andy Stanley, have a current series entitled Balanced.   They have also created a website for more information.  You can access this website and watch the messages online by clicking on the Balanced Online website.  The website also includes some helpful tools you can download, including spending and budgeting spreadsheets.  As the Bible mentions money and finances over 800 times, this series and information might be helpful and informative. 

There are also other helpful blogs on the subject, including Free Money Finance, Wise Bread  Get Rich Slowly, and others, and Crown Financial Ministries also might be a helpful resource.

Perhaps some of this information will help people avoid Bankruptcy (which, while I am on the subject, is not endorsed or otherwise supported in the Bible, contrary to some sales pitches).

Edited to Add pn February 12, 2009 – Based on the number of spam comments attempted here, I’ll also add to beware of "Christian Debt Elimination" type scams.