According to an article in the Atlanta Business Chronicle, City of Millionaires:
Economy Will Undergo Eye-Popping Change
, "[m]etro area households with $1 million or more in investable assets are expected to soar to more than 102,000 households by 2011. 

There is little doubt that much of this increase is due to the growing population and not necessarily growing wealth, and the same factor will keep Georgia at the top of the consumer bankruptcy statistics. 
Either way, it should be good news for both business and consumer bankruptcy attorneys.

I happen to hear a certain local Libertarian talk show host discussing the first line of the article –

Multiplying millionaires will dramatically alter the way Atlantans live, shop, bank and give back over the next several years. (emphasis mine).

One can come to their own conclusions about what the author meant by "give back," though she has indicated she is open for an interview.