Since quite a few readers of the Blog are searching for information on the Amrex case. I am posting this information here.

Amrex, Inc., the international adoption facilitator, filed a Chapter 11 petition in the Northern District of Georgia on September 21, 2006. The Case No. is 06-71679-PWB. On November 17, 2006, Jeffery K. Kerr, CPA was appointed as Chapter 11 Trustee.

I have been retained (subject to court approval) as counsel to the Chapter 11 Trustee.  We have set up a special e-mail address for inquiries about the case and adoption records. That e-mail address is

Very Important Note: Adoptive parents should contact their adoption agency for any urgent questions, or questions about a specific adoption matter. Agencies have recently been provided updated information about adoptions in-progress.