Kevin O’Keefe reports that ALM is now indexing all law blogs in its search engine, and not just its own sponsored blogs. Kevin summarizes the significance of this –

  • ALM, a traditional legal publisher (National Law Journal and 34 other national and regional legal periodicals), is recognizing the importance of legal content published by bloggers.
  • ALM recognizing that legal blogs, other than those selected by ALM’s Blog
  • Network, are of equal or greater importance than those in this network which the unknowing have labeled the best legal blogs.
  • Legal research of a legal index that did not include legal blogs would be incomplete.
  • Lawyers may self-publish via a blog without submitting articles to legal publications. Their content will be seen along side content published by legal periodicals.
  • ALM, and its owner Incisive Media, recognizing that user generated content may be as important as their own content in the well being of their publications.
  • could become a legal information center with more content produced by practicing lawyers, law professors, and law students than ALM’s own reporters and editors.