By: Scott B. Riddle, Esq

The Teamsters responded to Allied Holdings Motion to Reject Collective Bargaining Agreement —

Teamsters National Carhaul Director Fred Zuckerman responded angrily to the Allied move. "For the past several weeks we have been holding talks with Allied in an effort to develop a fair and equitable plan that would allow the company to come out of bankruptcy. For Allied Chairman Hugh Sawyer to now file this motion to set aside our contract shows they were never serious about negotiating a solution but instead want to have their loyal and hardworking employees pay dearly for his mismanagement of the company."

Zuckerman taped a recorded message to all Teamster members employed at Allied saying "we must be prepared to take appropriate action should the judge rip up our contract." Last June all 60 Teamster locals with Allied members voted overwhelmingly to give the union authorization to strike Allied if the contract was voided. Zuckerman also said that Teamster lawyers and financial experts would vigorously oppose the Allied motion in front of Judge Mullins next week.

Isn’t it management’s and owner’s prerogative to "mismanage" the company?  Mismanagement could include agreeing to wages and benefits that are too high (at all levels) to sustain.  Putting everyone out of work rarely solves that issue.