From the Middle District of Georgia Clerk of the Bankruptcy Court –


  • Motion to Release Unclaimed Funds: This is a new event in the motions category.
  • Trustee’s Response: This was formerly called “Trustee’s Approval/Objection Letter.” The prompt has been modified to read “Please enter APPROVAL, OBJECTION, NO POSITION OR OTHER APPROPRIATE TEXT.”
  • Trustee’s Statement Pursuant to 11 U.S.C. Section 1302(c): This is a new event in the Trustee category.
  • Motion to Consolidate: The advisory message has been modified to read “You should not docket this to the case you wish to designate as the lead case.”
  • Request for Certified Pleading: This is a new event in the Bankruptcy and Adversary Other categories. The filer will select the pleading to be certified and will receive a message that the court will contact them within 2 business days regarding the charges due.
  • Motion for Hardship Discharge: This event has been modified to advise the filer to file a Certificate Re: Hardship Discharge with the motion or separately. The filer is advised they can obtain a blank copy of the certificate from the Court’s web site.
  • Certificate Re Hardship Discharge: This is a new event in the Bankruptcy Other category. If filed separately from the Motion for Hardship Discharge, it will automatically link to the Motion for Hardship Discharge.
  • Motion for Relief from Co-Debtor Stay: This event was modified to add an advisory message “If this motion is being filed pursuant to 1301(c)(1) or 1301(c)(3) a hearing is required.”
  • Notice of Voluntary Conversion: This event was modified to advise the filer “If you are amending schedules, please docket “Schedules (Amended) as a separate event. No fee is due in this situation. If you have no schedule changes, please file your certificate pursuant to LBR 1019f to that effect as a separate entry.”
  • Request for Redaction of Pleading: This event was formerly called “Request for Redaction of Pleading or Claim.” A separate event has been created for requesting redaction of a claim.
  • Request for Redaction of Claim: This is a new event in the Bankruptcy Other, Claims and Limited Use categories. It should be used only to redact a claim.
  • Request to Issue FiFa: This event has been added to the Adversary Other category.
  • Motion to Impose Automatic Stay: This event has been modified to add the ability to set a hearing, a 20 day objection deadline and a message “If you are filing this motion more than 30 days from the date of filing of the petition you cannot use this event. Contact the Clerk of the Court.”